The Golden Apples of Youth Picture

A card from my Scion RP game. The players have to fetch one of the Golden Apples of Youth.

The tree with the 12 Golden Apples was entrusted to Hera. It's found in the beautiful Garden of Hesperides in one of her temples on the most western shores of Pelponnesus, the sanctuary at Olympus.

They’re guarded by garden nymphs and Ladon the Hundred-Headed dragon.

The apples themselves heal all wounds and illnesses and restore youth for one year to whoever eats them, but the entire apple must be consumed in whole at least a month after being picked to gain its full effects. If the apple is split, the effects only last part of a year. (Eg, if split into quarters, the effects only last a quarter of a year.)

Drawn with pencil crayons.

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