Towards the Stars - Part 2 Picture

Information: Charcoal tryptic final project for my drawing class.

Prompt: Metamorphosis

Theme: As a kid, I always loved looking up at the stars, for, every kid seems to be born with the ability to locate the Big Dipper. My older sister even had a glow-in-the-dark star chart at the time, and on it, it depicted the constellation Draco going around the moon. Being enamored with dragons at the time, I knew that I wanted to find him in the sky, however, my child mind never realized that the moon does not move at the same speed as the stars, so I was always sad that I would never see Draco, for the moon was too bright. (I thought about trying to find him on nights of the new moon, but I was never sure where the moon would be, so I wouldn’t be able to find Draco.) Eventually brushing it off, I forgot about trying to find the constellation until my high school senior year in AP Art, when I contemplated using the constellations as my concentration. Checking out a constellation book from our library, I sat out one night to see which I could actually locate. The Big Dipper was easy enough, then I located the Little Dipper, until I remembered my desire to find Draco. It was then I found him, his tail starting in between the two dippers with his body twisting up and above the Little Dipper. So by always looking towards the Big Dipper, I had also been, unknowingly, looking at that same constellation that I had been in search for.

Explanation: This is the second and middle piece, showing Draco as he twists through the sky, the moon nearby, and the golden apples of Hesperides in both windows. For the Greek Mythology possibly links Draco to the dragon, Ladon who was thought to guard the golden apples before he was defeated by Hercules.

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