Nyx Picture

From Greek mythology, this is Nyx. She was the goddess of the night and according to Hesiod, she was born of Chaos. Her brother was Erebus and she gave birth to Momus "blame", Ponos "pain", Moros "fate", Thanatos "death", Hypnos "sleep", the Oneiroi "the tribe of dreams", the Hesperides, the Keres and Fates, Nemesis, Apate "deception", Philotes "friendship", Geras "age", and Eris "strife".

Hesiod also describes that Nyx and Hemera (day) were sisters, although most Greek mythology books I have list her as her child and when Nyx entered Tartarus, Hemera would leave and vise versa. Also in alot of mythology books, it is known that even Zeus feared her.

It took me all night to make her since I thought it was the most suited time to do so, so here she is, as described with her garnments and hair bringing the night upon the sky and her eyes black and filled with stars. I know she looks a bit creepy but hey shes a goddess shes supposed to be that way to mortals. *grins* Enjoy!
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