Engaged My lovely Fiancee: My courting of daugther Picture

Plot(more or less):

A young and rich businessman dies, and feels cheated because of how quick and short his life was, tries to bargain with death for a longer life. He explains to death how he wasn't even able to enjoy his wealth and he'll do anything to be alive once more.Death agrees to bring him back to life but he has to marry his daughter and bring her back to him. Death gives him 6 months. Being good at deals and making people see his point of view the business man feels confident about the agreement but what he didn't expect was death's daughter is everything he tried to avoid when he was still living. Hemera (death's daughter) is wild, rebellious, has no sense of purpose or duty, irresponsible, stubborn, unpredictable, and impulsive, everything the business man hated about people. and so begins his difficult situation of making her his bride.


Hemera is not only death's daughter but also the embodiment of life and death's task was not only to bring his daughter back but also for the businessman to realize that what it truly means to live,and see what he has been missing in his life; and by marrying and accepting Hemera, only then can the business man appreciate the beauty of life and given a second chance.

Twist no.2:

At the end, business man and Hemera falls in love and gets married, where before they kiss, business man wakes up before he got hit by the car and realizes that somebody else switched places with him thus preventing his death, only to see it was Hemera. And by taking the place of the businessman she saves him and dies in his place thus returning her to her father. And the reason for the marriage is that the only way for Hemera to go back home is to die and she can only die by taking someone else's place and she will only do that for the person she loves.


Widower, My Missing Wife: Lost in the city of Tartarus

The story may seem dark but I envision it more of a comedy

Inspired by the many Animes That I’m still waiting for their conclusion or at the very least their continuation...and also Vocaloid, songs that are weird as shit, but in a good way.

Giff me season 2...

Also, I know nothing about mythology I just like using their names

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