Erebos_Human_ Picture

This actually took me quite a while and honestly it was better in lineart form ): oh well another ruined picture done by my horrible coloring skills...

im beggining to love erebos almost as much as i love grimmjow..(but not really) i just love his sick sense of humor and sadistic ways of helping others...iiii love it >3
well i actually based his pose off of the actual "Erebos/Erebus" God of Darkness that i saw a pic was really simple but it depicted a man sittin like a cat with black wings...
now for some facts about mythology
EREBOS (or Erebus) was the Protogenos (primeval god) of darkness, Brother of Nyx (Night), whose dark mists enveloped the edges of the world, and filled the deep hollows of the earth. His wife Nyx drew these mists across the heavens to bring night to the world, while his daughter Hemera(Morning) scattered them bringing day : one blocking out the light of Aither (Light) and the other revealing it. Aither(Light) was regarded as the source of day in the ancient Days rather than the sun.
The name Erebos was also used for the dismal, netherworld realm of Hades.Hes is the offspring of KHAOS.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ such a weirdo..but dammit i love mythology and i incorporate it into most everything i come up with...i use Greek and Egyptian and even some Norse mythology...

i really dont like how this turned out..i shoulda just stuck with the lineart -___-;;;
oh my plotline erebos isnt all bad but he made a deal with yin,erebos is the one who saves souls who have been rejected by yin or have not been able to be guided to either heaven or hell,either good or bad some get sent to hell after a period of time.and due to the fact that innocent souls are trapped in hell until erebos gets them,they are disfigured in more than one way.

next i'll be drawing Nyx his sister :3

Erebos and art belong to me (c)~YellowFlash001
Concept of Erebus/Erebos doesnt belong to me
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