The Immortal Queens Picture

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These are the three main female immortals that are going to have the biggest parts to play in my Percy Jackson fan fiction series, The Dark Days of Demigods.
I will be making the other goddesses who appear in the story as they come but I wanted to get these three out of the way.

These are my versions of the goddesses, Nyx, the goddess of Night, Hecate, the goddess of magic and Hemera, the goddess of Day.

Nyx is the main antagonist of The Dark Days of Demigods. She is trying to wreathe the world in shadow and is the mother/spouse of many of the enemies that the demigods face on their adventures. I wanted to give her an ancient, kind of motherly look to her. A bronzish look to keep her looking Greek, but also a very dark look to her.

Hecate is the mother of one of the main characters, Ember. She is one of the only goddesses that understands the true threat is Nyx, not the monsters and followers that she sends to cause havoc in Olympus. She helps the seven out more than she should and it nearly causes her downfall. She's holding both fire and water in her hands because magic gives her control over all the elements. I also wanted to give her a more simple look. She's not trying to impress anyone. She merely does what must be done, which the other immortals are often blind to.

Hemera's relation to Nyx varies in many different versions of the mythology surrounding those two, but I'm choosing to go with the variation where Hemera is Nyx's sister. These two have a very long history together. Day and Night, yin and yang, they are complete opposites. Hemera is going to have a very large role to play in the battle against her sister. I wanted to give her a brighter appearance, naturally.

Your opinions, comments, questions ect are greatly appreciated. ^-^
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