Seren is Generous Picture

Umm...It's not good, but I don't feeling like posting his story elsewhere.

Basically, Seren is from a family of Unicerous(unicorn/Pegasus hybird). Because they're shapeshifters, they can either take on a humanoid form, a ball of light or their original Horse form.
All of them are born with different colored eyes and horns, though they typically all have white/ slate gray wings(aside from the hot blooded thoroughbred types, who have more colorful wings). They live in a weird place(not sure where yet), but it's really beautiful. That is, until a child with obsidian eyes and a white horn(Seren) is born.
With their birth some weird virus/sickness called the Night Terror starts plaguing everyone. It supposedly spawns from some monster or something, which is the reason that the Obsidian eyed Unicerous has to go into piety training(seclusion) so that he can purify it when his wings come to full length(comes of age).
Seren, only ten, has been burdened with this for his whole life. Unfortunately he is the rebellious type, so he runs away.

What's so special about obsidian eyed unicerous(just imagine their eyes looking like an unmarred sheet of volcanic glass. Like a black mirror.) is that they cannot see colors, even in human from. They basically just see a thousand different shades of gray.
But for whatever reason he discovers this place where angels dwell, and he sees them in perfect color. So, he stays there.

Seren is, as you might have guessed, a troublemaker. He's your average eleven year old boy that acts three years beneath his age. I love drawing him older though, because he's cute and he reminds me of Helios from Sailormoon(Unicerous-ness. Not personality).<3

Cupid is there about to shoot him while he's offering his pet flying legless Salamander(its name is Peck, his partner in crime) to some random angel chick becauise if I ever use him in a rp I want him to be with an angel. <333

Seren/Peck/Random angel chick=Me
Cupid: Aphrodite and Aries (greek mythology.)
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