Scylla and the Heart Picture

Hey all.

Now, I am going to ramble like I always do, so anyone reading this sit tight for a bit, yeah?

Okay, first off, debated whether to actually put this in fanart because I'm not sure if Scylla actually appears in any other Greek mythology besides the Odyssey, which shouldn't really be called mythology so much as a story that represents quite a large chunk of ancient Greek culture. Yeah. In the end I decided to put it here, just because it seemed like such a better idea.

Now, for all of you who haven't read the Odyssey, a little back ground information on Scylla.

Scylla was a six-headed monster that lived on a cliffside, and to get to Helios' island, you would have to pass through there. Scylla would then proceed to eat six of your crew, and then leave you alone. Scylla was once a beautiful woman, but she crossed a god and thus got turned into a monster. Quite a common theme in Greek mythology.

Anyway. Odysseus and his men go through, six more of his men get eaten, the end. Odysseus DOES NOT kill Scylla, because he knows that it's like, impossible or something. Homer doesn't really go into the details, just says that he doesn't.

I drew this because of an English project I had in which we had to create a representation of a character and their effect on Odysseus, and then write a page on it. I made this. Yay. The head is one of Scylla's heads and represents fear, anguish, hate, etc. and the heart represents happy things and the life. The blood dripping down is the lives lost and the tears that Odysseus and co. cry. The ocean represents the inner turmoil through out.

Everyone caught up? Yes? Good.

This took about 30-45 minutes in Photoshop, and looks terrible when printed out using my printer. I rather like it, for all of the weird bits in it.

Feedback, critique, etc. is greatly appreciated :3 Getting better is what I want to do!
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