Deus Ex AI VOCALOID Icarus Picture

Finally, now I show you on what Icarus would have looked like, if Majestic 12 has decided to take over the VOCALOID market and thus the world. XD Blah, blah, here's his opposite counterpart, blah blah, here's the history behind it.

Yeah, I went overboard with the black and green colour scheme, but meh. Couldn't find some good Icarus pictures, aside from his Deus Ex Wiki profile and description, so I had to improvise by using artistic licence on mixing a bit of his DX description, followed by the mythology of Icarus (the feather pattern) and finally relating to Ambrosia in terms of colour (hey, both the AI and that vaccine was created by Bob Page of Majestic 12, after all).

And before you ask, why yes, there is some fur behind his neck and yes, I like that part of his costume design; just makes him very evil if his black spiky nails weren't enough.

And behold, my stupid fan description:

Age: Same age as Daedalus, though slightly younger than him in months term.
Height: Same as Daedalus, but Majestic 12 will shoot you if you ask.
Weight: If you ask that to Icarus, he will taunt you about your own weight and why you will never gain it that you so wish desired. That, or only his creator Bob Page knows.
Chest measurements:Same thing, blah, blah.
Likes: Basically taunting and manipulating everyone he sees, seducing the female VOCALOIDs (especially Miku Hatsune) in a Bram-Stoker-Dracula kinda way, tiramisu and listening to Gackt music. No, don't ask why he listens to some Japanese rock musician.
Dislikes: Anyone from the Illuminati, JC Denton (especially when he sings "Sex Bomb") and most importantly, his 'twin brother', Daedalus.
Vocaloid Item: Black waxed feathers, i.e. the total opposite of Daedalus's item, but meh.
History: When Majestic 12's Bob Page realised that he missed the entire VOCALOID market, where the people only care for Miku, Kaito, Gakupo and other Vocaloid stuff, he decides that he too should join in the fun and take over not only the VOCALOID market, but also the world.

And so, he created the VOCALOID Icarus and tells him to wreak havoc upon everyone in the VOCALOID world. And so, Icarus did just that. He seems very obsessive towards Miku Hatsune as he wants her as his 'bride', but then he gets an unfortunate welcome when Illuminati's VOCALOID Daedalus comes in and they fight.

And sorry VOCALOID fangirls, if you've tried to put Icarus and Daedalus doing a duet together, then they'll merged into another VOCALOID named Helios who wants to control the entire VOCALOID nation. That, or they'll just keep fighting, until one of them either dies or gets bored or something.

Meh, sorry about that. If you like my Deus Ex VOCALOIDs and want to see me do more, why not drop me a comment and I'll see on what I can do. Hey, it's meant to be a joke, after all. XD
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