HSV Laelia Picture

I didn't originally want to make a second OC, but the more I thought about it the more I began to enjoy the idea. So this young lady here (I've already got a boy OC so in a totally not awkward way I decided to make a girl) is Lælia, a member of the sweet Amatou clan.

Element- Water
Ninjutsu- 1.5
Taijutsu- 1
Genjutsu- 0.5
Intelligence- 1.5
Force- 2
Speed- 2
Stamina- 1.5
Seals- 0

A little history/background:
Lælia- Feminine form of Roman Latin Lælius, possibly meaning "lunar." This is the name of a beautiful orchid flower named after one of the Vestal Virgins of Roman mythology. It is also part of a puzzling alchemical inscription (Ælia Lælia Crispus) supposedly found in Bologna, which some have theorized is a representation of two beings, Ælia and Lælia, who are united in a single subject,Crispus "curly," with Ælia being "solar" from helios, and Lælia being "lunar," while Crispus, a combination of both, is the basic substance (obvoluta intricata) from which all life was made, hence "curly," in reference to the hair of gossamer dryads which were said to be neither man nor woman but a mixture of both.
-the reference to the translation "Orchid" is the pink orchid petal design around the neck of her blouse.
-the official spelling is Lælia with the æ symbol, but if you can't do anything about it like in the case of this deviation title, just go with ae separately.

I've also been trying to work on my ability to put together cohesive back stories at a rather rapid rate. This is what I've got: Lælia likes to just go around and be energetic. Like, constantly wanting to do things and learn everything there is to know. Her dream is to experience everything. Literally, everything (chances are she'll aim for infiltration so she can get out and do things and stuff). This dream of hers leads to a talkative nature that people tend to find annoying, so making friends has been a rough road. However, she bumped into a silent Hanako Kobiru who was naturally drawn to Lælia's flowery attitude. Now they hang out together as a pair, like Penn and Teller. One does all the talking, the other, well, does not but still has just as much fun. If you want to RP with Lælia expect to be RPing with both her and Hanako, though Hanako will only respond through gestures and expressions with the occasional giggle, grumble, or that of the like.
For anyone who cares, her theme song is "Sun" by Thomas Bergersen :Link:
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