Sailor Elysium moon September 2013 Picture


inspired by Looney Tunes. LOL

Senshi of Dreams , Hope and Moonbeams
sister: sailor Magic Moon=[link]
Mother and Father= Helios and Chibiusa( the grown up version of chibiusa, not the kid!)
hair colour: silver-blue
eye colour= right eye:bright, light blue. left eye: dark brownish-red
thus, she has complete Heterochromia.
More on her later. I made her up for fun.

Princess name: Bonitatis Lacus Elysium
name meaning:
Lacus Bonitatis = Lake of Goodness , also from the lunar lakes( which are not really lakes but basaltic plains smaller that the lunar seas( which are also not seas)
Elysium= ( also spelt as)Elysion is the land in the planet earth( according to sailor moon canon) but according to mythology,It is part of the Underworld in which the souls of the heroic and virtuous would rest in a peaceful paradise.
Civilian name: Yuzuki Tsukino( well, reasoning for this: like her mother, she "brainwashes/ hypnotises( I am not sure what chibiusa did)" her ancestors and inserts herself in the past life)
YUZUKI means"gentle moon" (優月) -It is a Japanese girl name.
Tsukino= Tsukino, well...if we read it literally, means moon field.
so she is a gentle moon... moon field.
uh yeah....XD
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