Fire and Rain Picture

"I am Nāmaka.
I am a cybernetically augmented mako shark. My home is the Big Island of Hawaii. My age is unknown. My birthplace is unknown. All I do know is what I am now.

I do not remember how or why I came to be augmented, but they have enhanced my abilities beyond anything a shark is capable of. I can run father, swim farther, and endure longer than ever before. I didn't ask for this, but I gladly accept it.

My day job so to speak is an enforcer for Helios Eusebio. Something of a bodyguard if you wish to call it that, it is my responsibility to see that no harm comes to him, and to inflict harm on anyone foolish enough to see otherwise.

My night job is Astronomer. Having graduated from the University of Hawaii with a PhD in Astronomy, I'm currently employed at the Keck Telescopes on Mauna Kea working on a variety of research projects.

I am courageous and loyal, fearless and confident, sassy and friendly. I am more machine than shark, but I am determined to be of service to others in the best way I can be.

Oh, and some of you are probably wondering where I am ticklish...nice try
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