Circe Picture

This is for the HPC current mini contest.

Well when I heard about this contest, I went through a list of famous magical people I knew of. First I thought of Harry Potter but decided that that was too obvious so I thought of Arthurian legends, which have two characters that are magical, Merlin (again, too obvious) and the Lady of the Lake, who someone had already done so then I flipped to mythology which has Hecate, Circe and others. I decided on Circe because I like the Odyssey and the Percy Jackson Series so, since she was mentioned in both, I chose her.
When I think of Circe, I imagine a pretty young girl with brown hair tinted with aqua, piercing blue eyes, and a tattoo on her face that is all swirly. If you can't tell, I have a thing for water and blue. I didn't really read up on any descriptions, but I do do better with a reference so I grabbed one of the first pictures of one of my favorite actresses, Emily Deschanel's sister Zooey Deschanel and made her my own.
Circe is mentioned to have been a goddess of sorcery and magic in ancient greece. She could have been the daughter of Helios, Hecate or many others. She is famous for trying to lure Odysseus and his men to there deaths through magic and was revived by Rick Riordan to have changed Percy, Grover and a group of Pirates to ginueapigs (sp?).
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