BFOI Y2 App: Dakota -Revised- Picture

Age: 16
Home Town: Fallarbor Town
Bio: Dakota started off his journey in Hoenn, back when he was 10 (like most trainers) Dakota is a bit of a liar, he he tell all sorts of lies like dating Clair to defeating Arceus. However, his lies are very hard to believe, and thus hes not a good liar. He skill with pokemon are pretty good he has been through every region except Johto. He joined the BFOI to meet great battlers, meet people, learn new things about pokemon, learn more about the Ho-Oh mythology, and try to control his pokemon.
The Team

Species: Garchomp
Type: Ground-Dragon
Gender: Male
Ability: Rough Skin
Item: Charcoal
Nature: Brave
Moves: Outrage, Fire Fang, Stone Edge, and Crunch
Bio: Sol is kind and very playful. He is said to have raised the younger team members when Dakota caught them. He is very optimistic, but he if his fellow team members get hurt he will fight his opponent till he faints. Sol was trained by Dakota's Sceptile (Tony). Sol fears that one day Tony will die in battle so he tries to talk him out of battle if hes challenged.

Species: Sceptile
Type: Grass
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
Item: Miracle Seed
Nature: Serious
Moves: Leaf Blade, Thunder Punch , Focus Blast, Aerial Ace
Bio: Tony is the leader of the group, and the oldest. Tony doesn't battle much but if necessary he will battle. Tony also trained Sol and Helios when they were little. Unfortunatley, he is a bit too old, Dakota and Sol both know that he is very old and they fear he will be killed in battle do to his old age. Tony is also the odd ball of the group he is very nice and funny, and he asks people if they want a jelly baby.

Species: Charizard
Type: Fire-Flying
Gender: Male
Ability: Solar Power
Item: Flame Plate
Nature: Lonely
Moves: Heat Wave, Sunny Day, Dragon Pulse, and Solar Beam
Bio: Even now Dakota regrets bringing Helios to the BFOI, Helios was trained Tony (His Sceptile). One day when he was the same level as Tony he decided to battle Tony. Unfortunatley, he lost and it left a scar on his eye. Helios, spirits crushed became a hateful, scary, and even deadly pokemon. He takes his battles seriously and no matter if he wins or loses his opponent will have battle scars. The worst thing to do is use sunny day with Helios is out if you do that, you will truly feel his wrath...

Species: Milotic
Type: Water
Gender: Female
Ability: Marvel Scale
Item: Sea Incense
Nature: Lax
Moves: Toxic, Ice Beam, Surf, Recover
Bio: Yoko is the brains behind this team. Being the leader of Dakota's hoenn team. She is kind hearted and smart, but she is not much of a fighter, she prefers contest instead. But if she see's her teammates get hurt she will fight her opponent until her last breath.

Species: Zoarark
Type: Dark
Gender: Male
Ability: Illusion
Item: None
Nature: Quirky
Moves: Night Daze, Shadow Ball, Flame Thrower, Retaliate
Bio: Scourge was captured by Dakota when he was a Zoarark, Dakota soon found out that he was afather, his mate and son were killed by team rocket. Now he is a great prankster and tries to pull tricks on Max to piss him off. However if he finds out some one is part of team rocket, or if he's pushed too far. Something inside him snaps, and he becomes a fearless assasian.
Species: Lucario
Type: Fighting-Steel
Gender: Male
Ability: Justifed
Item: Focus Band
Nature: Mild
Moves: Aura Sphere, Psychic, Earthquake, Ice Punch
Bio: Being his 2nd Unova starter Max is kind and very patient, he trusts every member on his team, even Scourge who tries to piss him off. However he dosesn't trust Helios he worries about the hot headed lizard from time to time fearing the worse if he gets pushed to far.
Pet Pokemon
Species: Ralts
Type: Psychic
Gender: Female
Ability: Sychronize
Item: None
Nature: Gentle
Moves: Confusion, Teleport, Future Sight, and Calm Mind
Bio: Alice was actually suppose to be a Gardevoir but do to a mental problem she can't evolve, yet. She came with Dakota to give the team support (plus she has a crush on Sol) She is acts and is smart as a young woman. Dakota believes that if she tries hard enough she can evolve but for now shes a simple ralts. However theres another reason she went with Dakota, you see Dakota had a mental problem back in Sinnoh a problem that practically broke him, it was so bad that it made him leave the region altogether, and Alice can feel its power growing stronger and stronger...
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