Knight of vengence Picture

Name: (Anubis) Sigismund Velant
Age: 27
Height: 6” 2’ (Horns included)
Weight: 231 lbs (Wings included)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Sexuality: Straight
Marital status: Taken: Elysia
Ethnicity: Half human, half demon
Religion: Technically none, but he believes in God.

Likes: His fiancée Elysia, his human father Frederick Velant, Food (he’s not picky, he loves food, just as long as it’s dead, and not undead), fighting monsters, and the guidance he received as a child.

Dislikes: His demon mother Elizabet, the restless undead, the knights in the north, vampires, and having to replace his armor.

Nicknames: Anubis (he is called this more than he is called by his real name.)

Appearance: Anubis has the appearance of a humanoid male, with black shortly cropped hair, and green eyes. He also has two horns protruding from his forehead, and two arm-like appendages from his shoulder blades serving as wings. His face has two sets of purple markings, left from when he was scarred by holy water at his attempted baptism. He always wears full body armor, minus the helmet. His armor is gilded plate mail, with a black high colored shirt underneath the armor. Underneath his leg armor he wears black boots, reinforced with steel soles. His gauntlets sit over more of the same black material, and the sleeve ends are drawn over the gauntlets. He wears a black belt with a purple sash (in the front and back). Underneath his armor, but on top of the purple cloth, Anubis has a small golden crucifix, it does burn him slightly if it makes contact with his skin.

Personality: Anubis despite his clearly demonic appearance is not evil. He is calm in most of his actions, and is a man of words, rather than actions. He does not overestimate himself in anyway, and he has a powerful conviction of right and wrong. His appearance bears the sins of many of his kind, and he seeks to atone for them.

History: Anubis was born in an act of shame. One cold October night, his mother a demon from the south named Elizabet invaded his father Frederick Velant’s room and in his sleep seduced him, and unbeknownst to her at the conceived a child that very night. His father woke up just as the ordeal ended, feeling nothing but shame and fear.

The demoness had horribly miscalculated, and despite her attempts to the contrary, she gave birth to her half demon son, less than nine months later. By some inexplicable action, the succubus did not kill her newborn, though she hated him and greatly desired to. Instead she returned to her victim’s home flung the screaming infant at his father and left.

Frederick knew that the she-devil was the one who assaulted him that same year and he felt obliged to take in his son. He explained his case to a local priest who offered to keep it a secret, and helped raise the boy. Even so the child grew, hiding his horns beneath a top hat, and folding his wings back like a cape. As he reached maturity, very few people actually figured his true nature out.

He eventually revealed himself to his friends, and left the security of his human home in search of his mother. Along the way, he met a reformed witch named Elysia and the two quickly became involved romantically. He proposed to her and she accepted and together they moved into the south. He eventually found his mother, and she was horrified to see he had survived. After a brief encounter she tried to kill him, and Anubis defended himself, accidentally killing her. Her dying words were as a curse to Anubis, mocking him for being an ungrateful matricide. Anubis buried her, and swore he would never allow another dark creature from the south to pester the world above.

He moved into a deserted palace, where he established a small kingdom. After gaining followers from the living as well as the undead Anubis cleaned up demonic interference in the north, sealing the most powerful creatures in areas of his domain, which he named Erebus, after the mythological underworld. Most of the truly evil characters he was able to control, until a man by the name of Dimitri Khons ascended to a local barony in the east of Erebus. It was shortly revealed he was vampire, and his presence had immediate effects, Anubis could seal him day after day, but he could never kill this creature alone, he needed help.

Relations: Father: Frederick Velant, Mother: Elizabet-deceased

Powers/Forms: Anubis has one form designed at this point, this demon form. He can summon jackals comprised of shadow to attack, and can trap people in their shadows.

Weapons: Anubis wields a long ball-and–chain mace, which has about five feet of chain and wickedly spiked ball at the end.
One of my oldest characters I ever made, around the time of Pontus and Ageaus, he was an original protagonist in the Chronicles of Helios, and with a few major revamps, I’ve brought him to life.

As far as style and history, there's a big difference, but he has the same color scheme as the original, the last time I drew him prior to this was in 2005-2006. I know his wins are too small, but I think they're fine as far as their presentation in the image.

Anubis (Sigismund Velant) is © to me
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