Civilian Linos Picture

Name: Attis Linos
Age: 13~15
Birthday: August 1st
Birthstone: Peridot
Eyecolor: Red
Haircolor: Silver with blue hue
Favorite Color: Darkblue, Gold
Favorite Food: Pancakes
Disliked Food: Cauliflower
Favorite Subject: Literature
Disliked Subject: Art
Jewelry: Gold Hoop Earrings, Gold Rings for his braid

Linos, prefering to be called after his second name, is the first born child of Princess Lady Serenity and Prince Consort Helios and Crown Prince of Crystal Tokyo. He has no special powers of his own, as of yet, but spends a lot of his time with his father studying up on Elysion and it's history.
Being rather studious, he likes maths and history in school - but dislikes art since he is all thumbs and it lowers his usual almost-perfect test scores.
His nature is the same gentle way his father's is and rarely gets angry, but when angry, he's scary. However, he has the bad habit of being competitive and has a secret sweet tooth, which he tries to hide in school.
Linos is rather protective of his little sister and often takes over the role as babysitter and playmate for her, she's often the only one who can make him smile when he's down.
Linos is extremely popular and adored by the girls of his age-group - and even a bit older - although he has no idea how, since he never does anything to instigate their affections.
In civilian clothes, Linos tends to prefer wearing sporty clothes as he hates tight clothes and wants to feel like he can move around freely. He usually wears things in darkblue colors - in contrast to his royal clothes, which tend to be ornated with gold or white.
He braids part of his hair and usually wears ornamental gemstones - garnets or sapphires - or just ties it up with some gold cloth.

Attis is a greek named, meaning handsome - perhaps a reason why he is so popular with the ladies?
Linos is a greek name - in greek mythology, Linos was the son of Apoll.


P.S: Would you prefer have him to wear gemstones or just a cloth, like here, most of the time?
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