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“Cover Girl” is the Seventh in a series of works that I call “The Ubiquitous Religion”. It’s just my small reflection of mankind’s dependence, relationships, and reactions to technology and science.

Technicism is a double edged sword. From a simplistic standpoint the idea of using technology to solve all of our problems is a practice in idealistic optimism. However, it is inevitable that with advancement we must deal with drawbacks. Ethical conflicts are unavoidable and we must be prepared to face them lest they sneak up on us.

Is it right for us to consider colonizing Mars while we can’t yet seem to treat earth properly? Some believe that vacuum energy has the potential to be an infinitely renewable clean source of energy yet considering that it is also believed that there is enough latent vacuum energy in a light bulb to boil ever ocean on earth, you can imagine the military applications. As we continue to unravel the secrets of the mind, what dangers or privacy issues could one face by interfacing mentally with a machine or network? Furthermore, depending on your views regarding humanity and the existence of a soul, the idea of man made sentience for any purpose is one that will undoubtedly cause much friction in the years to come.

I suppose in some way this piece also emphasizes the consumerism revolving around science and technology… but I’ll get into that some other time.

Stock used:

The model I used for “Galatea” is *fetishfaerie-stock (profile: [link] ) and the particular photo I used can be found here: [link]


Helios was a Greek god representing the Sun and depicted as flying a flaming chariot across the sky. Thus I felt it fitting to use the name for a star ship of incredible power.

Galatea is from Roman mythology. In Greek, her name means “she who is milk-white” and she is believed to have been the statue created by Pygmalion. According to one version of the story, Pygmalion was a king and gifted sculptor. He eventually fell in love with one of his ivory creations and prayed to Venus for here to be made flesh. After his prayer was answered Pygmalion and Galatea were happily married. I believe It’s one of the earliest stories of man wishing to literally bring his creations to life.

I left the mature content tag off of this because I felt that this photo is no more explicit than what you’d find on magazine covers that you can find in any grocery store or news stand. And no, I don't mean porn... a good example would be the recent Vanity Fair cover with Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley...
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