Queen Aerona of Helios Picture

I was unsure if this would fit better in "People" as it is an original character, or "Sci-Fi" because said character is an alien. I stuck it in "People" because this doesn't seem very sci-fi-ish. If this is in the wrong category, I will move it.

This is ~erin-hime's character, Aerona, from her story Paths of Destiny. I figure this would be some kind of coronation portrait that would sit in the palace at Helios. (Of course, since I don't know when Aerona was officially crowned, it could be done years afterwards).

Although Helios is an extremely technology-oriented planet (in ~ erin-hime's world), I kind of...ignored this a bit. A gown in my fashion book ( 20th Century Fashion by Linda Watson, if you're curious) just called to me, and I figured that the royalty would be a bit behind the times as far as fashion for state portraits and architecture went. Since the only requirements were that red and cold had to factor into the gown somewhere...I used an insane amount of red. (This is why it's in PNG format, as I've noticed JPG seems to made reds go all flat and crappy).

Since Helios, in mythology, is god of the sun, I went with a bit of sun-motif as well: the little sun charm around her tail, the suns on the walls, etc.

The dress in my book was designed by Lady Duff-Gordon, although I modified it a bit for this picture. The pose was also taken from a picture of Lady Duff-Gordon. (The chair gave me the most trouble).

All in all, I am exceedingly pleased with how this turned out.

Aerona de Helios is (C) ~erin-hime (
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