Stats - Clador Deities Picture

Quick note: These are NOT accurate historical or religious representations of said deities. They are merely loosely-based adaptions to fit the context of my campaign. So details may differ.

Clockwise from top-left.
Northern Deities (Based on Norse).
Odin: The All-Father, creator of all things.
Sif: The Shining Goddess, matron of the Sun, of Glory, and of Single Combat.
Frigga: Goddess of the Skies, of Life, and of Family.
Tyr: One-Armed God of War, Justice and Poetry.
Hel: Goddess of Death and the Underworld.
Nott: Goddess of Night, of the Moon, and all the darkness.
Fenrir: Wolf-God of Cunning, Strategy, and wicked Desire.
Freyr: God of Beauty, Fertility and Weather.
Loki: God of Trickery.

Western Deities (Standard D&D guys)
Pretty much identical to your PHB standard.

Then we've got out animal creator spirits.
Sun and Moon are well, the Sun and Moon. Anthropomorphic representations, of course.
Bull: The mightiest in the land, bull is Aggressive and Proud.
Bear: Bear is Patient and Enduring. She is Caring and Nurturing.
Crow: Crow is Wise, and sees far. She can read the future, and deals with Omens.
Wolf: Wolf is Cunning and Sly. He has many desires.
Spider: Spider is Charming and Clever. Everybody loves Spider, and everybody hates him, too. He is tricksy.
Weasel: Weasel is a Pretender and Thief. He is full of Lies and Deception.

And last, but not least, the Southern Deities. (based on Greek mythology)
Apollo: God of the Sun and Archers.
Athena: Virgin Goddess of Warfare, Tactics and Prophecy, and the helper of heroes.
Hecate: Goddess of Magic and Law.
Ares: The violent and ill-tempered God of War and Bloodshed.
Selene: Goddess of the Moon.
Hermes: God of the Fleet-Footed, of Travellers, and Thieves and the lost.
Dionysus: God of Wine, Song and Revelry. He likes to Party Hard.
Eris: Everyone's favourite Goddess of Discord. She likes Chaos and Golden Apples.
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