Rei Eto, Human daughter of Kronos Picture

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Rei (said as 'Ray') Eto is the human daughter of Kronos. Her mother, Karin Eto, a daughter of Hecate, worked for Kronos's cause. She was nineteen at the time. She found that she really liked Luke, and the Luke part of Kronos felt the same. Somehow, Karin became pregnant with Rei, and Kronos was told about her. When he was defeated, Karin went into hiding, wanting to protect her daughter, a child of magic, theft, and time.

Rei, and a daughter of Demeter, were brought to Camp Half-Blood by Chiron when they were 13. Once it was proven that she was the daughter of Kronos, Chiron gave her the location of Camp Jupiter, in hopes that she would be better off there. However, once they found out who she was, they drove her out.

As a last attempt, Rei tried to become a Hunter of Artemis, but the goddess had sensed her titan parent, and the fact that she had a crush on a son of Apollo, Lance Phika, and turned her away. Rei wanted to prove that she wasn't evil, so she started hunting down monsters solo. Her ability with guns was a helpful aliby. In time, she had reconstructed her father's weapon, but used it for good.

As it had turned out, the other titans had humaniod children as well, Rei set out to find them. They all had the same goal; prove they weren't evil. And their chance came when the titans began to reform, and the mist had disolved completely, revealing the mythological world to the mortals. Rei is the only one who can stop them, but the only way ment that she would have to kill the cow-serpant named Bessie {I forgot the thing's name} and burn its tail to gain the power nessesary for her to defeat her father. Why is she able to do so? Simple. She's related to the Jason from ancient times.
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