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The horse is no match for Albert. And then a lion and a dog come out of it.

This is actually connected to how Hecate was envisioned in Greek mythology. It was said that she has three heads: lion, dog and mare, although there are different interpretations that add different animals. I wanted to incorporate that into the battle with her, and have her shift between the forms at will. Her triplicity is where Chapter 4 gets its title from. Also, if you look at her closely, she is wearing a necklace with a lion, dog and mare head on it.

An aside: when the Romans adopted a lot of Greek deities and changed their names, Hecate became Trivia. So I guess what I've typed in the last paragraph is a bit of Trivia on Hecate... *facepalm at incredibly lame pun*

This page was supposed to go up yesterday but I was literally unable to find time in my schedule to post it. Apols.

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