Apollo and Hecate Picture

A couple of my characters. Apollo is a fallen angel, Hecate is 'nuetral', I guess.
Their names come from the Greek mythological god and goddess, however, both are complete opposites of the two their names represents. Apollo is pretty much insane and driven mad with love by Anriel (Who is a character of ~Inai-Bara ) and spends much of his time writing in his journal, fighting with himself. So emo, I know. *sniff* He also cares a lot for Hecate, and most of the time she is with him. Hecate is just a loveable little child angel, who most of the much older angels try to keep away from the fallen angels. She is neither 'regular' or 'fallen', but caught somewhere in between, and claims Apollo as her best friend. No one knows how she died. Oh sob. The end.
And yeap. I colored it! *gasp!1* With color pencils. Yaaaaaay!
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