Catastropocalypse: Lamplings Picture

An accompanying piece to my interpretation of lampads [link]

These are lamplings, which are infantile fragments of daemonic spirits that fuse together over the course of many decades in order to become fully-formed lampads. Unlike their elders, lamplings are not a product of Greek mythology, as far as I know, and are something I made up for my upcoming project to give a little more depth to the lampads. Their role will be better detailed once I get the project up and running, but for now, I can give this much info on them:

Lamplings appear in the chthonic planes whenever their is a large enough volcanic eruption on Earth. When they erupt into existence, they arrive in moderately large litters, varying in size depending on the eruption on Earth. Lamplings are fragments that eventually fuse through maturation into lampads, their elder, torch-wielding daemons. Lamplings are immature, mischievous, and semi-sentient spirits that enjoy causing chaos and destruction. Unlike lampads, lamplings do not possess true independence from the material plane, and retain an infinite flow of energy that fuels them, making them seem much more rambunctious, wild, energetic, and fiery than full lampads, who run the risk of running out of energy and need to harvest it themselves. Lamplings are much more numerous than lampads, but an entire litter will all eventually fuse together into 1 new lampad after a time. Like lampads, lamplings are incapable of injuring, wounding, harming, or killing human beings, and despite the chaos they can cause if they break into the real world, they mean no malicious harm, and only do it for fun. Physically, all lamplings are childishly short, and are much more amorphous and non-humanoid than their lampad elders. This is representative of lamplings being closer to hot, liquid-like magma, while lampads have cooled with maturity into much more solid, igneous stone.

I designed the lamplings to be massive hordes of childish, adorable, fire elementals with a penchant for arson and kamikaze attacks. They're equal parts Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, Orks from Warhammer, and Podoboos from the Mario franchise. They are an important part of the Chthonian Mafiya, my faction in Catastropocalypse, as they can be used for large swarming tactics and as cannon fodder. Lamplings cannot be killed by conventional means, only sent back to the chthonic planes, so there's not much harm in throwing large numbers of them at an obstacle until it is brought down.
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