In the Beginning Picture

"In the beginning, I saw nothing but darkness. When I looked up I saw the moon. I saw something glowing in my hands and saw my fire. It was then that Lady Hecate found me and since then i've living in the Underworld." Raivynne said.

"That must be terrible, you don't know where you came from, who you belong to. You don't know anything about yourself. Thats horrible." Zephyra said looking at her roommate.

"I know." Raivynne replied and flipped over onto her side; put the lamp out.
And there you have it, Raivynne and Zephyra bonding over
her terrible beginning.

EDIT: I changed her story a little bit. Raivynne was found by Hecate when she was ten, three years earlier when she was seven something happened to her, giving her a case of amnesia. She doesn't remember anything form her years before the age of ten. So she is most definitely 18 years old. I actually wrote her story...maybe I'll post it some other time. But yeah...
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