Ecate Picture

Ecate, the young and the elderly, the explorer of the psyche, the powerful and the wise, the manifold.
And 'linked to the concept of death and regeneration. And 'in fact his job to accompany the souls into the kingdom of the dead, but she also does the reverse path, that leads from death to life........
"from birth, and lights the way in the darkness, for it represents the courage to venture where we do not know the road , the courage to go beyond our limits.

Ecate, then, is the connection between the world of the living and the dead, combining darkness and light.
The darkness is also what is unknown to us, the unconscious, as in our life is hidden but present.
Hecate is also an expert in the arts of divination. She gives humans the dreams and visions which, if interpreted wisely, led to great clarity.
Its function is to guide, enlightenment and freedom".
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