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I didn't know what I'm supposed to do so I ended up filling out a meme? ;;


10yrold Hecate was more boyish. He was a bit of a dork and didn't want to depend on anyone, since he believed that by the fact that his parents kept him and raised him he should be self sufficient and not cause them any trouble. He also had an inferiority complex, but his friendship with Aphrodi taught him to trust others a bit more and that its okay to depend on them and make mistakes.

14yrold Hecate softened around the edges, and really came to treasure his team. They became a surrogate family in his head (+Aphrodi, I guess. Aphrodi's kind of an enigmatic figure to him), so when they all left to go to Kageyama it really hit him hard. He tried dissuading all of them a couple of times as a group and individually but they didn't want to listen; and instead insulted him (Most of them assumed that the reason he didn't partake is because of his legs, so they said things along the lines of 'Don't put us on the same level as you', etc. This reopened his inferiority complex) . He became stuck on that emotional evolution page and became embittered and stubborn. His bad traits from before came back and he tried to shut himself off. He transferred to the quiet Kasamino Jr High in order to be left alone.

Now the thing is, I never really thought of what to do TYL so I'm just gonna make this up as I go here.

24yrold Hecate has evened out quite a bit, and carries himself with a rather 'ethereal' aura. When Sector 5 first got established he entered immediately and so he knows a lot about what goes on in there. Whether he's waiting for someone to start a revolt or simply satisfying his curiosity is unknown. It seems like he's part of it 'in name only'. He teaches Mythology (Greek, Celtic, Norse, all of it) and Astrology at Tengawara, and because of his looks he is quite popular with the schoolgirls. His position in Fifth Sector is unknown but it's highly likely that he deals with teaching the children how to control their Kesshin.
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