Hecate I "In Time" Picture

This one was done in reference to another goddess. The patron goddess of my best friend Shasta...Hecate. This was a mixed concept as I couldn't find a good place to add the triple goddess symbolism here so i'm not entirely pleased with the outcome. I only hope my model and best friend is...but see how time is faded into the design with goddess in thought, waiting, and watching....her eyes but glossy black onyx hiding the depths of her soul..but make no mistake, they see yours. The claw markings like tears is a concept one could draw from the blind yet all knowing Atropis and her sheers to quote Jim Morrison and Shasta'a signature.. "as smooth as raven's claws".

I used the feathers for a handful of different reasons.. the references to the raven, the weighing of souls as used by Anubis in Egyptian mythology, and a song one mutual friend of mine and hers wrote in her honor. Gideon Smith And The Dixie Damned "Feather Coming Down"

Just know all who view this picture.. though the model of this picture is a Daughter Of Hecate.. Hecate is watching and you all will have to pass through the crossroads oneday....

Shasta's photograph taken by herself and used with permission as most her photos she has granted such to me aside from a few choice ones and ones her love Madrin took... hope all enjoy
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