Wyrd Picture

Another Art Noveau style peice, this time with a bit more meadowsweet thrown in. Again, using the lovely lockstock for my muses here.

And that brings me to the point. I've recentl;y been inspired by Norse mythology. Hence Idun and now, well, I think it's the Norns. The Norns are seen as either demi-gods, or greater than all the other gods. Sisters who held all things of necessity, being, and all of fate in their hands. Urd was the eldest sister, goddess of fate, Then Verdandi, goddess of necessity, and the youngest, Skuld, was the goddess of being.
I imagine each pose as one of the Norns, can you guess which?
Or do instead you see Brighit? Inspiring poets, being cool as the lakes she treads, or fiery as the smith's shop? Or perhaps Hacate? Before she was the decaying goddess she was known for springtime, like Pomona or Kore...could the verdant color not reflect this? You tell me, what do you see?

(P.S. Wyrd, is a Saxon word which gives us our modern "weird" which originally meant fate. Things that were wyrd, were fated, and the beleif in fate ascribes to something "supernatural." Etymologists also argue whether Urd was one of the original forms of Wyrd.)
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