Empusa again Picture

I don't remember ever submit this image or not....
but well, please enjoy my cutest demon, Empusa (For me)if Tiamat is prettiest character, then Empusa is the cutest.
Maybe you never meet other people draw Empusa like this...
Ok, In ancient Greek mythology, the Empusa (or Empousa) was a female supernatural monster or demoness. Hecate sent Empusa to harass travelers. It scared to death or ate anybody that travelled along the paths or roads it inhabited.The Empusae are similar to the lilim.

but I ever hear that Empusa will run away if you speak abuse to her.... So I draw her like this... coward demon girl Usually most of my characters has big boobs.... exept Empusa As you can see.... very small boobs.... but I thinks this is one of her charm. I hope you like her!!!
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