Dreams of Magic - Book Picture

I hope this entry finds you all happy and well. I must confess that I am very excited at the moment because my new book 'Dreams of Magic' is now available for pre-orders.

Preorders can be made @ Dreams of Magic

Dreams of Magic is my first solo publication and showcases the following:

- Up to 100 colour and sepia illustrations depicting dragons, fairies, gods, goddesses, nature and more.
- A selection of poems and short stories.
- A walkthrough of my painting method.
- An informative chapter about my life and why I paint and write.

This beautiful book of art and words is very affordable at only AU$34.95 for a high quality publication with padded hardcover and 100 thick satin pages. Many of my favourite artworks are showcased within.

Just a small number of the artworks included are:

- Dragons ... Cernunnos, the Cailleach, Gaia's Dragon, Dragons of the Wood
- Dragonkin ... The Empress, The Mystic, The Guardian, The Priestess
- Fairies ... DarkBringer, The Moth Queen, Secrect of the Phoenix
- Goddess ... Lady of the Flowers, Night She Cometh, Of Earth, Air, Fire and
Water, Sol
- Greek Mythology ... Herackles, Pan, Hestia, Aphrodite, Zeus
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