Hecate BandW Picture

Third is probably one of the closest in my heart...

Hecate: Goddess of Magic, Crossroads, Journeys and Choices. She is also known as Goddess of the Dark Moon. Goddess of Witches, she was the keeper of secret knowledge. Dogs were her animal, and dark purple is her color.

Hecate is noted in Greek myths as the one Titan who taught Zeus everything he needed to know in order to defeat his father Chronos and save his brothers and sisters. In honor of this, Zeus kept Hecate free.

It was common practice that during the New Moon, women would travel to where the roads fork in three directions and leave offerings of bread, oils, meats and fruits to honor Hecate.

I know this isn't as "old" as most would want her to look, but I wanted her to shed her mask of aged wisdom to reveal a youthful spy attitude that she has always had... something to show you that no matter how old you may be to stay youthful and not to just lie down and give up.

...it is always your choice... travel the path YOU choose, not anyone else's...
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