Hecate Sketch Picture

Did this a couple weeks ago in my animation class while we were waiting for the instructor to get around to reviewing our boards. A rendition of Hecate, sometimes called goddess of the crossroads, sometimes goddess of the night, sometimes goddess of witchcraft...the list goes on. She's an interesting figure because history is undecided on her true nature. Whereas most of the gods have clearly defined relms, she seems to cross among them, perhaps because of her association with the crossroads. Most of the accounts list her as a Titan, one of the only allowed to remain. She is associated with the Underworld, but also with new life. She is also associated with the night and the moon. She is sometimes depicted with three animal heads or as an old woman, but let's face it, asthetic wise, I thought this would be more fun
I might do this as a gouache painting on bristol board, if I ever finish the one I'm working on now
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