Hecate Picture

Ancient witch queen
Elemental before
The fragile raising of man
She is a doorway
Midnight’s quickened will
She works from afar
A sentient portal within
Primeval mistress of ghosts
And the dreaming liminal herbs
Her art taught in shadows
And threshold rites
Propitiated with flesh
Where three roads meet
The triple formed watcher
At the gates of birth and death
Apportioned earth, depths and sky
With chthonic countenance
Of serpent twined oak
And baying hounds
At the crossroads
Of time and space
Honoured amongst
All the deathless gods

Words © Hrefngast 2011 (other than the last two lines, which are from Hesiod’s Theogony)

Oil on paper - this is my first proper attempt at an oil painting.
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