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Goddess of the home and hearth. A virgin Goddess that walks on the earth with the mortals. She dislikes getting into disputes and always stays clear of them. She is a peaceful Goddess. Sister to Hera.

That is a sum up on Hestia. How do I know this? Because I had to do a project with my friend Natalie in my Ancient Civ. class on Hestia, Hebe and Hera. I will be posting the drawings of the other two on a later date. ( I don't like posting a bunch of things on one day ) This is my least favourite out of the three that is why it is going up first. I am really unhappy with it. To colour all three of them it took me roughly 7 hours and 45 mins. Which to colour three pictures is not a bad time at all
We had to have a visual for this little project,so since Natalie is a dancer with no drawing experience she left it up to me, bless her ( note the sarcasm
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