Monster High OC: Hebe Deite Picture

Hebe Déité, the daughter of the Goddess Athena.

This is her MH OC profile, and as usual I will draw her image in a bit.

As the daughter of Athena, she's smart, full of wisdom and good with mathematics, but she isn't as courageous or quick to war as her mother.

Her pet is Wisdonia, a baby eagle.

Her name, Hebe Déité means "Young Goddess," her last name being the French word for goddess, exactly what she is, lol.

EDIT: Her pet peeve is a reference to how in every story that has to do with Greek mythology, the heroes have Athena help. XD So people in Monster High come to her for guidance on whatever, and she's like, "Dude, talk to my mom." Rofl.

She's available for roleplay, friendships, enemies, relationships, anything.
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