Vixens Designs 1 1998 Picture

So, this was probably late July 1998. I was still a very big Sailor Moon fan, but Power Rangers was still my main bitch.

I got to thinking one day, "Oh, woe is me. If only there were some really wanky way to combine my two true fandom loves in a disgustingly self-indulgent and overtly sexy amalgam of bad art and bad plotlines! HAY! EYE NOE!"

And, thus, was Vixens born.

Vixens was a spinoff of my original Power Rangers fan series, in which all the female rangers (all ten of them!) lost their powers and had to find these magical people who could give them these sacred powers based on greek mythology.

Yeah. GREEK mythology. Not ROMAN mythology. So, see, IT AIN'T SAILOR MOON. It's just... really really close to Sailor Moon.

So, all the women got to keep their original colors, but they now had "spiffy" Sailor Moon style henshins and shoujo attacks, not to mention they all wore revealing bodysuits with no helmets instead of their Ranger getups.

So, here we have Kim, Dawn and Scarlet. My handwriting still sucked pretty bad, so I'll transcribe what's written here (even though I really, REALLY don't want to. It's so embarrassing.)

Kimberly/Pink Vixen/Iris

Power: Iris Celestial Spectrum

(Kim's outfit was the first one I created. At the time, I thought her hair looked amazing. I don't completely hate it.)

Dawn/Orange Vixen/Aurora

Power: Aurora Sunrise Ignite

(Yeah, ignite. Said exactly like Raye's attack from NASM. IIIIGGGGNIIIIITE!!!!!)

Scarlet/Purple Vixen/Hebe

Power: Hebe Young Love Stun

(WHY does she randomly have a cape? I did NOT think this shit through.)

I KNOW. Thank god I came to my senses and ditched Vixens in late August. But, in the meantime, I created a LOT of Vixens art. Some of it didn't even suck too badly. You'll see.
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