Harmonia's song Picture

So this is Harmonia, the daughter of Diana and Tomahawkman, and twin sister of Tempo

So yes, thanks to the feedback, the daughter of Tomahawkman and Diana is named Harmonia and like her mother, is named after the goddess of harmony and concord from mythology (and no I did not get it from Pokemon black and white's 2nd antagonist, N's real name.)

I don't know whether or not I will keep her color scheme or design, I wanted it to balance the colors of her mother and father. Tempo is also set to have these colors.

Like her mother and Uncle Rockman, Harmonia and Tempo have different personalities. Harmonia's lacks confidence and she tends to break out in tears. However where she lacks confidence she makes up for intellegence and usually becomes the peace maker in most fights.

She and her brother have inherited some of their parents attacks such as Tomahawk Swing and Dizzy Combat (however Dizzy combat in their attacks has been changed to Diva's rage and Tempo Barrage.)

Like her mother and uncle, she and Tempo are set to have reverse forms. However unlike Dizzy and Rockman, Tempo and Harmonia have the same limiter which is in the shape of a star that was created by their other uncle, Starman.

I drew up
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