PERSEUS - 7. Graiai, the Old Hags Picture

Graiai, The Old Hags

Only one matter remained unsettled. No one knew the exact location of medusa’s lair. Once again Athena lent her insight; she told Perseus about the fabled Hags. The Hags were three ancient monsters, distant relatives to the gorgons. Their bodies similar to old, tormented women with one fatal defect: they all shared the same eyeball, their only means to perceive the world. Perseus put on his helmet thus becoming invisible, and at the right moment, when they were arguing over their eye, he lunged and took the valuable visual organ. «Fear not, loathsome monsters! I will restore your vision on one condition: I seek the Medusa, and you will help me find her lair!» he decisively said to the already bickering Hags. With no other viable options, the Hags gave in. Perseus was now ready.

—Creative Translation by Stergios Souftas
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