Gracie Graeae Picture

Blast from the past, a revamp of a character concept from my old account

Name: Gracie
Age: Very, very old. Age is different for her and her sisters. Appearance wise she can look 14-18 depending on what she wears.
Species: Graeae (Grey Sister from mythology)
Personality: Cheerful, has no filter so is very blunt, talkative, outgoing, and adventurous. A bit on the morbid side Despite her age, she acts as a teenager.

-Has no eyes
-"Sees" the physical world through glass eyes she keeps on her person,(usually as accessories)
-Sees everything at once (past, present, future, what is, what will and what might('ve) be(en) and is very cryptic when asked questions.
-She does have more lucid moments, but she does get very mixed up and confused with all the info running through her head.
-has a bit of a fascination with dead things.
-collects teeth
-the "youngest" of her sister
-can shape shift like her sisters, but has a very difficult time with it and is very bad at it.
-That eye thing with her is Bernard, he is a servant to Gracie's sister, mainly a messenger of sorts. Currently charged with looking after Gracie. He very much dislikes the sisters and wishes to be free from them all.

More on them all later.
I would really like opinions and thoughts on her

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