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Senshi Name:Knight Somni (Mostly called just Somni)
Civilian Name: Hypnos Nyx (nicknamed 'Hyp')
Age: Appears 27. Is actually over 50
Ht: 5'9ft without heels. 6ft with.
Wt: 185lbs
Realm of Influence: Sleep, Consciousness/ Unconsciousness
Weapon/Items: Sands of Somni (The Bag)
City: Palus Somni

Attack 1: Somni REM Dust- Puts a person instantly and harmlessly to sleep.
Attack 2: Sand Man's Rejuvenation- Increases concentration and improves energy levels but not all the way. Kinda like a power nap.
Attack 3: Exhaustion's Reckoning- Drains energy and impairs ability to stay awake or concentrate correctly.


Hypnos, for the most part, is a very flirty person and extremely opportunistic if such a situation arises. Because of his life having been so hard growing up, he relishes leisure and anything fun and relaxing. This makes him appear quite hedonistic in appereance, since when not defending the city, he's often off to spas, pleasure houses and such and often playing games late and sleeping more than what's usual.

however, beneath this outward appearance to others, Hypnos is not really 'jolly' and is a pessimist by nature. He's also very blunt at times when he's quite tired and doesn't suffer people who he thinks are fools. He also has a strange streak, that when reached, he can be very cruel. Luckily this doesn't happen much if at all.

As far as he lets everyone else sees, he's a lazy crossdresser that can't be bothered with the complexities of life.

Hyp's history starts not at his birth, but before he was even born.

Before the village of Palus Somni was founded, back when things were just getting started- there was Sailor Somni. Sailor Somni was one of two Sleep senshi with different realms of influence that once lived in the larger city of Somninorum that boasted a large population at one time. Though it is unclear as to what happen, Sailor Somni broke ties with the city and the Sailor Somniorum of that time period. She took with her all those that were willing to leave and left to find a better place.

According to the history records of The Awakening, Sailor Somni founded the city of Palus Somni in a land where there was nothing but brown dirt and sand. From this, they built their village under Sailor Somni's guidance and protection.

In the Annuals of The Sleep, the prosperous village had grown sufficent and seeing this, Sailor Somni withdrew from them and unto the outsides of the Village to keep them well guarded. However, it was said that before she did this, she told a close confidant that she would leave in their care, her weapon which was said to protect the city until another guardian would come.

And from there she disappeared from all records.

Hypnos, though most don't know it yet, is the reincarnation of Sailor Somni.

For a while in Palus Somni, there wasn't a Sailor senshi, though the city was protected by whatever Sailor Somni left behind.

Which is why Hypnos was a surprise to many people there.

Hypnos was born to a small and relatively unknown branch of the Nyx Clan. His mother married poorly, and for the most part they lived on the edge of poverty until his mother died when he was sixteen, forcing him to search for work else where. However, he had very little in the way of actual skills outside of cleaning.

While working in the house of one of the more promient members, he became the paramour of the lord of the house- who's married. This affair kept going until Hypnos was 30 when the Lord died and left Hypnos enough to be comfortable for a while.
At this point, Hypnos was considered pretty much a hedonist but was ony seriously interested in herbs and incenses that were mood changers for relaxation.

He became Knight Somni when the barrier around Palus Somni had weakened and the tiny city was hit hard by raiders and bandits for it's resources. At the time, he had been out with one of his servants that he cared for when one of the raids hit and put the person in danger.

He was able to fend off the attackers by using Sands of Somni to knock them out, allowing the authorities to arrest them.

After that, he was swept up in not only political haggling but reverance from the people of Palus Somni. Though they tried to make him their leader in all ways, Hypnos pretty much waved it all off. As politics didn't interest him unless it effected the people negatively, he doesn't bother with much of anything except keeping the raiders out of Palus Somni.


House of Nyx

Close parental units- Mother/Father are all dead.

A 'Sister' who is his main attendant named Morphine

Partner/Animal helper: Unknown At this time.

Misc: Hypnos is often found, when not on duty or needed else where, sleeping most of the time. He also has moments of hyper-awareness, often able to precieve things that others don't. However this is few and far between and isn't a power on demand.

He's also a crossdresser and loves wearing dresses and such, however he also wears whatever is pleasing.

Gender wise, he doesn't particularly feel either female or male but sometimes one or another or both at any given time. He'll respond to 'him/her' pronouns because of necessity of the social-scene of the city.

He also grows his own herbs and fruits as a past time when not partying.

Until the age of 17, he was illiterate and unable to write but thanks to the lord he worked for, he can do both and do them well and has an appetite for books when he's not napping.

city questions:

-how many people are in your city?

Palus Somni started out with around 448 people. Since then the village has grown to hold at least 25,000+ and is growing still.

- what is the economy like?

Very prosperous. Because of the brown soil and sands hold special properties that make it more easy to grow certain herbs, flowers and certain stones, it's become one of the main sources for Sleep Aides, Relaxation, and recreational drugs.

- what is the dominant class? (merchants, farmers, nobles?)

It used to be that the dominating class were the farmers and the merchants when starting out. Now the dominate class are the Nobles who sponsor the merchants and farmers. The controlling class in Palus Somni are the Houses. There are the Four which are the more older and grander ones that can trace their lineages back to the first founders of Somni and them some.

They are: Morpheus, Icelos, Phantasos and Nyx. With Nyx being the leader among them.

- is there a body of water that runs through your city? **

Because Palus Somni borders both Mare Tranqillitatis, Sinus Concordiae, with Mare Crisium lying to it's east and with Mare Fecunditatis to it's south, they share some of the same water ways. However it gets some of it's water sources from the north from Mare Serentitatis and Lacus Somniorum. The river that runs from Somniorum to Somni must pass first through Montes Taurus (a mountain range that is to the south of Lacus Somniorum but east of Mares Serenitatis where another river joins it there.

On the one side of Palus Somni near Tranquillitatis, is a lake that crosses it's borders. There's a river that runs through the city but mostly on the boarders. (Map soon to come)

-what are some of the large buildings?

A few, but the largest ones are for entertainment, the Sanctuary of Somni, which doubles as a meeting place for the Houses and Merchants to make laws and debates as well as serve as a court house and church, and then there are the Four Houses themselves.

-what is the mayors name?
Officially there's no Mayor as everything is lead by the Houses and the Merchants. However, if one is hard pressed to say, it would be Lady Hemera Nyx who is the current head of the House of Nyx.

-are there any people your Senshi interacts with a lot?
Aside from Hypnos's attendant, Morphine, he also has a lot of interaction with Lady Hemera. Though he doesn't quite like her much.

-where does your Senshi live?

He lives by himself in a manor situated near the Sanctuary and has been living there for the last 20 years ever since he became a senshi.

-are there any other things you think we should know?

*Within Palus Somni, each House must give one person over to the Sanctuary to become a cleric. These clerics and what they do is usually unknown to most people but some say they still have contacts back in the Old Homeland and elsewhere.

Many do not cross paths with them as they believe that the clerics- known as the Oneirio- possess the knowledge to put people in, what they call, the Eternal Sleep.

Though this is all rumors, many believe it and thus leave the Oneiroi alone.

*Also the original Sailor Somni's name was Pasithea.

Now for the Connections here:

Oneiroi: (copied from Wiki here) according to Hesiod, sons of Nyx (Night), and were brothers of Hypnos (Sleep), Thanatos (Death), Geras (Old Age) and other beings, all produced via parthenogenesis.[1] Cicero follows this tradition, but describes the sons of Nyx as fathered by Erebus (Darkness).[2]

Euripides calls them instead sons of Gaia (Earth) and pictures them as black-winged daemons.[clarification needed]

The Latin poet Ovid presents them not as brothers of Hypnos, but as some of his thousand sons.

In others, they're thought to be also messengers for the gods as well to humanity.

Hypnos: is the god of sleep and has a very long background and stories attributed to him. It's also said his flower is the Poppy.

Morphine: is a painkiller and also a play on 'Morpheus".

Morpheus: is the god of dreams and may Hypnos's son (Or brother).

Icelos : is also known as Phobetor, and is the one responsible for beasts showing up in dreams.

Hemera : is goddess of the Day and also daughter of Nyx.

Pasithea : is the wife of Hypnos and is one of the younger Graces. She's considered to be the goddess of rest and relaxation.

Phantasos: is responsible for showing inanimate objects in dreams as well as elements.

Nyx: should be obvious as the goddess of the night, primordial goddess.

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