Aphrodite and Achilles Picture

This actually was done for my English II book report.
This picture is based off of the novel Troy by Adele Geras. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and even more so when I found that mythology was tied into it. I recommend the book to anyone who loves war stories or mythology. However, as fair warning, I will say that no one under the age of thirteen should read it.

Well now that we have the story behind the picture done, this is Aphrodite & Achilles.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, lust, and beauty.
Achilles is ... a kick ass warrior. *blinks* I don't remember what he stands for. Forgive me!


Time: 5 days
Done with: A variety of pencils (graphite mainly)
Special Thanks To: Andrew Y. & Valdenis I. who posed as models for me. Thank you very much!
I must also thank Kodi (who likely will never see this) who suggested me putting Achilles in there beside Aphrodite. @[email protected] This wouldn't have turned out so well if you hadn't helped me!

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