Alecto the Black Fury Picture

I prefer the expression 'Fury'. Alecto one of my favourite character.

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Alecto (Ancient Greek: Ἀληκτώ, English translation: "the implacable") is one of the Erinyes in Greek mythology. According to Hesiod, she was the daughter of Gaea fertilized by the blood spilled from Uranus when Cronus castrated him. She is the sister of Tisiphone and Megaera. Alecto is the Erinys with the job of castigating the moral crimes (such as anger), especially if they are against other people. Her function is very similar to Nemesis, with the difference that the latter's function is to castigate crimes against the gods. Alecto appeared in Virgil's Aeneid, and also in Dante's Inferno as one of the three Erinyes.

Zabawne, ale kiedy szukałam kiedyś imienia do postaci w Ragnaroku wymyślam sobie właśnie ją, tzn znałam to imię, ale nie pamiętałam już szczegółów.
Wydaje mi się zabawne, że akurat "niestrudzoną" i tą odpowiedzialną akurat za gniew sobie wybrałam >D
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