Naga Skeleton Picture

"Cast of bone: Naga Terra (100,000,000 years before present)
x-ray: Pacific and Arabian Naga volunteers
artistic reconstruction: "Tythian Shorebreaker" (approximately 100,000,000 years before present)

In this display: comparison of the cranial structure of modern Naga (left) and their extinct ancestors from the Cretaceous (right).

Though they now are now an ocean-dwelling species, a hundred million years ago, throughout the Jurassic and Cretaceous, most Naga lived on land. Their most ancient mythology tells of an ancient civilization that spread across the world during the time of the dinosaurs.
The ancestors of Naga today were an amphibious race that lived on the shore of the Tethys ocean, eventually adapting to life underwater. Though only a small portion of their species back then, these aquatic Naga were the only ones able to survive the K-T extinction event 65 million years ago."

~Children of Gaea Museum of Supernatural Anthropology
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