Sigyn Part One Picture

AU Marvel and Mythology.

Name: Sigyn (Buscema)

Nicknames: Lady Mischief (By Thor); Darling, Pet, My Love (By Loki)

Title: Goddess Of Fidelity and Fertility

Age: 18

Hair: Light Blond

Eye: Dark blue with a small hint of green

Height: 5’3

Father: Frey Buscema

Mother: Gaea Buscema (Deceased)

Brother: Njord Buscema (six years older)

Sisters: Deceased

Notes: Sigyn was once a poor farm girl from a village just outside the Royal Palace and she also used to work for some of the wealthier families in her village.

Backstory: When she was seven her mother died while giving birth to twins and three days later they died. Growing up Sigyn did all the cooking, cleaning, mending clothes, and various other jobs around the farm. Although whenever she found time she would read, write, or even dance her small way of rebelling against her father. When she was eighteen she was invited along with all other unmarried girls to attend the ball held at the Royal Palace. Throughout the night Sigyn kept out of the Royals sight except when it was absolutely necessary. Sigyn who thought she did her best to stay out of trouble and away from both Thor and Loki. However when she stepped out on the balcony Sigyn bumps into Loki. Who “suggests” that she dances with as an apology, fearing for her life if she refuses, Sigyn agrees to dance with him. When the ball draws near Loki decides to take Sigyn out of all the other girls and Sigyn is thrown into one of the bedrooms. As time goes on Loki and Sigyn become closer and closer and soon the two get married.

P.S: (The dress she is wearing is the one she is wearing when she first meets Loki. Buscema is the last name of one of the guys who created her in the Marvel comics according to Wikki if that info is wrong feel free to tell me. I combined names of Sigyn's family from Marvel comics and Mythology. The background Information is slightly based of a fan fiction I read, so I don’t claim too much ownership over the background)

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