Flight Over Calm Waters. Picture

So I decided to look up (again) the background of the original fighter which was previously called "Niflheim". From hours upon hours of looking, I ran into some information about it. It originates from a very little heard of MMO called Ace Strike, which was first announced way back in 2007. The aircraft was a concept of what a superfighter would look in the world of GAEA, in which the countries of Niflheim and Asir reside, are at armed conflict with each other. The names and places were based on Norse Mythology and after some research changed its name accordingly. It is now called the XFA-35 Nidhogg to suit the Norse theme.

I will release a few variations of paints in this first set of aircraft for TerraStorm Aeronautics.

The aircraft (both XFA-35 and J-20) were first made as memorial to the survivors of the Sichuan Earthquake, as its 4th anniversary is on May 12.

Append: Model design is original of Rainbowbear from A9AF [BBS.A9VG.COM]. Many thanks to this user for an inspiration to make such an awesome aircraft that I enjoyed making.
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