Gaeus Concept Picture

Well, since my Kaiju Randomness 2 page, I thought about this guy alot. This is my revised idea for a plant monster called Gaeus. I still using the name Tendrilion as well, as I figure Gaeus (taken from Gaea from Greek Mythology) could be the scientific name for this monster and Tendrilion is the common/public name.

For the plant monster, he's a bit different from most. He lacks a animalistic design, though he shares similar traits. His body is compose mostly of vines with no apparant leaves or flowers. Truth be known, he more of a vine kaiju than any other type of plant monster.

This concept page views his metamorphsis. It starts as a seed, than becomes a seedlings. If enough seedlings come together, they turn into a 40 foot toothly heap. The second form is more for tunnelling. The third form combines the previous two. By the way, this guy is HUGE. It's able to take over a small city within day, covering with vines, creating it's own eco-system.

As for a power, I say it produces electricity, though it can't fire it as a projectile. It's merely for shocking. It's sap can be very sticky, but not acidic.

Anyway, what do you all think?
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