Gaea: Wife of Uranus Picture

This is my first photomanipulation that I've ever done aside from forum signitures and what not. This was inspired by :iconluciferious-glow:'s Gaea piece. I had fun making this. I'd love for people to give me constructive critiscism notice "constructive" I want to improve, not be bashed and ripped to pieces because its horrible.

The only real problem I have with this piece is the dress on Gaea. I had to cover her nekidness because it might be going into an art show. I will find somehow to credit all of the artists on their stock. I have no intention on taking the credit. But, anyway, If anyone knows somehow to make the dress look not so ....cartoonish please direct me to a tutorial or give brief insctructions? Thanks.
Gaea: Background: Other:
Photoshop CS2

Time: 5-7 hours
(I lost track somewhere in the middle)

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