Euphrosyne and Lykaios Picture

*sighs* Well, there was crayon stuck to the scanner from my crayon drawings, so now it got stuck on my three latest pieces- it's those annoying black dots and stuff all over the drawing. I'm gonna have to clean that dang thing.

Back in ninth grade, we had to write our own Greek myths, so I created a story about two young gods, Euphrosyne and Lykaios. Euphrosyne was the daughter of Hades and Persephone, and Lykaios was a shapeshifting son of Apollo. They were both close friends, and wanted to become "full time" gods- so, they decided to play an impressive prank on the immortal and mortal world. What it was, I'll save for another day. ^^

Lykaios' backlegs took me freakin' forever, and I'm not very good with canine anatomy, so feel free to point out any obvious defects.

Also, it's a bit wrinkled 'cause my dog got to it...!
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