Ten Picture

Okay so these are ten characters that I made up because my cousin says that drawing real people is scary and stalker-ish...

In the Picture is:
Celsius= it's a robot that Kelvin made because Iridium was too cute and unloyal. It's also more updated and cool looking.

Hyacinth= originally, he was a lover of Apollo from Greek mythology. My story is that he came back from the dead because Apollo pleaded Hades to bring back his lover. Now it's the future and Apollo has waited long enough.

Daphne= another person from Greek mythology. Her story is that Apollo loves her, because Eros was taking revenge on Apollo, but Daphne does not. She later turns into a tree just to become unmarried. And I'm not sure how she got back...

Eros= more Greek mythology. He is the god of love, Aphrodite's son. The story is that he is slowly become more like his father: Ares, god of War. Eros, aka Cupid.

Candy= she is a very innocent girl with a very uninnocent background. She comes from bad parents that do not care what she does, but she manages through her days. She is also best friends with Vedge.

Kelvin= he's a show-off genius. A young prodigy, but his older siblings have turned out pretty bad. He is finished with all his education, but goes back to school just for the social experience.

Vedge= She is Kelvin's older sister. She flunked a grade and is best friends with Candy. Without Candy, Vedge would probably be dead or something.

Apollo= eh, look him up on wikipedia. He's the Greek god of many things. People called him the "golden boy" and the god of unmarried men. He' also the god of archery and has a lyre. He also has a twin sister: Artemis.

Iridium= Kelvin's first ever robot. He always wears a scarf and has evolved a few human emotions. He cares about his creator deeply, but he understands he is still a robot. Candy likes to dress him up.

Kenneth= he's a wannabe. He does pretty well in school. His best friend Fido, the dinosaur, died many years ago. He still can't get over it.
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