Teaoc MUCH spiffier i Picture

Yes, My stupid art program is INCAPABLE of using Greek letters, so is this U.U Teaoc , means 'End' in Greek acoriding to my Translator.

Teaoc. is the daughter of Eros and Phsyce(sp?) she is similar to Hades and more or less 'delivers' the dead to him. She fears no one, many say she has the blood of her Grandmother, Aphrodite(sp?) in her, determined, stuborn& a bad tempers.
In another version, she is the DAUGHTER of Aphrodyte(sp?) and younger than Eros, for some reason she was abandoned by her mother, causing her to get bitter and exchange her love for Death.
THAT version probably isn't true, due to the fact she does have quite a winning personality, for being the delverer of the dead of coarse XP.

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